Please be advised that during times when there is a possibility of freezing temperatures all motorhomes will be winterized. This winterizing process involves draining the water from all tanks, pipes, fittings, and fixtures, then pumping non-toxic RV antifreeze throughout the entire plumbing system. Due to the fact that most RVs are not designed well for use in sub-freezing climates we STRONGLY recommend that the unit is kept winterized.

Please inform our staff if you will be traveling to a warmer climate and wish to add fresh water to the system so that we may properly instruct you on the entire winterizing process.

If you have chosen to add fresh water to the system the following steps MUST be followed before returning or traveling to other areas where freezing temperatures may occur:

All water must be drained from the fresh water tank and water lines.

Remove water heater drain plug and place the valves into bypass mode.

You must purchase at least 4 gallons of RV/Marine Antifreeze. It must be non-toxic antifreeze designed for winterizing RV’s and boats. ***DO NOT USE REGULAR AUTOMOBILE ANTIFREEZE!!!***  Pour the antifreeze into the empty fresh water tank and turn on the water pump. Allow the antifreeze to replace any remaining water in the system by opening each valve where water would normally flow. e.g. sink, toilet, shower, etc. (Don’t forget outside wash station if applicable)

Should freezing temperatures be encountered while the RV still contains water the water heater and furnace should be on at all times, plus never let the holding tanks fill more than ½ tank. This may help minimize the damages to the RV plumbing system.

Renter will be fully responsible for any and all freezing damage that may occur to the rental vehicle’s plumbing system. Please be advised that El Monte RV will assume no liability and the renter will not receive any compensation for loss of use, or inconvenience, resulting from the malfunction of any part of the plumbing system.

For more information on our winterization policies check here.

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