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COVID Safety – Why RV’s Are Still the Best Way to Vacation

These days are certainly different from pre-2020 days, but fortunately for RV’ers, this is a great time to travel in your RV and keep your appropriate social distancing, while enjoying your RV trip! We are pleased that so many people have found their RV’s to be a safe haven during these tough times. We think that RVs are definitely the best way to take a vacation, especially during these times.


The coronavirus pandemic has created plenty of uncertainty, including furloughs, remote work and distance learning. But, fortunately, RV’ers can use their RVs for travel and many can work remotely from them, while also taking them on the road for vacations. That is a lot to handle, but here’s why we think that RV’ing is the best way to vacation in an era of social distancing.



1) When it comes to safe recreational travel in the midst of a pandemic, few industries are as perfectly positioned as RV travel. With the ability to explore the remote reaches of the interior United States while keeping human contact at a minimum, it’s no wonder that business has been booming for RV rental companies since mid-2020. 


2) You can visit friends or relatives and still stay in your own private quarters, allowing access to them without having to be too close.


3) You can see the sights in various parts of the country and remain camped as close or as far away from others as you wish, boondocking, if it is feasible; or staying in campgrounds which are already naturally socially distanced.


4) The recent surge in RV rentals is fueled by the desire of American families to maintain control of their surroundings while still getting out of their homes and reconnecting with nature. By staying in your own RV, you can control your immediate contacts quite easily and accomplish that reconnection with nature. 


5) RV travel is a way to experience a destination like no other. It enables you to have the ability to see a place from an angle you may have overlooked otherwise. It’s also both enjoyable and approachable for first timers and avid travelers. 


6) The ability to isolate if you or one of your family members should become ill: Isolation means separating yourself so that no germs are passed on to others. Even in your RV, you can work out a way to keep away from others, such as staying in your bunk area, remaining in when others are outside, or you can remain outside while they remain inside.


7) In your RV, you can take measures to help minimize risk to others, so if you are ill:

Sleep in a separate bunk area. Use a different bathroom if possible, or if only one, be sure to clean and sanitize after each use.

Avoid common areas of the RV. Avoid pets. Wash your laundry separately from others’ laundry. Use disposable dishes and utensils when possible


8) RVs are versatile and can be used for camping trips, hiking trips, visiting theme parks like Disney, visiting the National Parks, state parks, tailgating and much more.


9) One of the silver linings of the pandemic is a renewed love for nature. So many people have been cooped up at home spending hours on end in front of a screen. Now, many people are making a conscious effort to disconnect and engage with the great outdoors. One trend in the past 12 months was the larger number of people booking locally and visiting their nearby State Parks, as well as a huge surge in National Parks visitors.


10) In a lot of ways, recreational vehicles mitigate a number of travel risks, like potentially sitting for hours in a metal tube near a sick passenger or walking through hallways and sharing elevators with other hotel guests. You reduce exposure to potential germs lingering in a room, and you’ll likely be able to skip restaurants in favor of cooking on your own with regularity. 


Top Regions for RVing:


Generally speaking, top regions for RVing are based on seasonality, so the warmer areas like Florida, Texas, Southern California and Arizona are all ideal. For summer, in particular, other great regions to consider are Colorado, Utah, Washington and Oregon. National Parks like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains are top destinations for travelers in an RV rental.


Ways to Connect When on the Road in an RV


Sometimes you want to find people and connect, even when you are RV’ing. If you want to connect with others who are RV’ing, here are some suggestions:


Care-A-Vanners, sponsored by Habitat for Humanity International


Harvest Hosts, a network of more than 600 hosts who invite self-contained RVers to stay on their properties for free


Boondockers, a web platform that lets members arrange overnight stays with each other for free while traveling through an area. Many offer electric and water to guests for RVers who prefer hookups.


RVillage, an electronic way to connect with other RVers. Members (free to join) can find each other on the road to make connections.


FMCA, (formerly the Family Motor Coach Association) and Escapees are like AAA for RVers offering education, roadside assistance, community and travel benefits for members. Escapees has a subgroup, Xcapers, for younger RV’ers who may still be working and raising families.


Nomads On a Mission, Active in Divine Service, sponsored by Global Ministries, the United Methodist Church, one of many mission-driven Christian RV groups


More tips for RV Travel During COVID


1) Remember to clean and sanitize frequently touched common surfaces and high-traffic areas in 

your RV more often than normal:







Chair arms


Steering Wheel

Any other frequently touched common surfaces


2) Be sure to also clean and sanitize other frequently touched items and objects such as:


Personal electronic devices


Credit cards


Remote controls



Any other frequently touched items and objects


3) Sanitize your bathroom, kitchen and driver’s area of your RV more frequently than usual.


4) And remember to wash your hands thoroughly and often.


As a reminder, when you are getting ready to hit the road to safely enjoy RV life, even during COVID, check with your nearest El Monte RV Rentals dealer, who can help you with any questions you may have. Please also check out our specials on RV rentals at El Monte RV Rentals.


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