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RV Dump Stations by State

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The state-of-the-art, self-contained RVs and motorhomes we rent provide clean, private restroom facilities and convenient kitchen space. Those handy features, though, create the need to empty your RV’s wastewater tanks from time to time. If you’ve spent many hours in an RV, you know it’s essential to learn the locations of RV dump stations along your route.

That’s why we provide this link to a handy RV dump station locator. While we don’t control the information provided there, and so can’t guarantee it, we do know that it’s been extremely helpful to our customers.

Not only does provide an online directory, by state, of dump stations, it also gives RVers great tips on dump station courtesy, proper handling of waste water and a step-by-step guide to emptying your grey and black wastewater tanks.


If you’re completely new to RV travel, let us give you our top five facts about RV wastewater:

  • The grey tank holds “soapy water”, from your kitchen sink and lavatory.
  • The black tank holds “waste water” from your RV toilet.
  • If you empty your grey tank after your black tank, it helps rinse the solid waste from your drain lines.
  • Wearing rubber gloves is highly recommended when handling wastewater equipment!
  • Water storage tanks must be emptied and flushed prior to returning your RV rental unit, or you may be charged.

Since we strive at El Monte RV to encourage RV etiquette, we urge all our motorhome rental clients to practice the golden rule. Nothing worse than driving up to a filthy dump station with your wastewater tanks at capacity!


Cleaning up spills, spraying down the area and following the rules for what’s allowed in the holding tanks makes life easier for everyone.  It’s an unfortunate fact that messy RVers can cause dump station operators to close down.  Let’s help keep dump stations free, safe and open by practicing common courtesy while we’re there!


We’ve provided a couple of resources for you to find RV dump sites. Be sure to visit one of these sites for a location at which to empty your tanks.


It can make all the difference in ensuring a pleasant journey. Whether returning your unit at the end of an RV rental, or simply needing to empty your tanks, we know you’ll find this handy directory helpful.




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